Meet Tawny Fritz

Tawny is an independent illustrator and educator creating vivid imagery and motivating creatives to live their creative life to the fullest.




Ink Art


Bold. Fierce. Confrontational. Challenging.



Empowering Creatives to Bring Out Their Inner Badass


If you’re in a creative field, particularly if you’re an independent creator, it can be difficult to feel like you deserve success. Well, you do! The world needs art in all its forms, and I am here to tell you that I want YOU to create the beautiful things that ONLY YOU can create!

Specialty topics:

  • Setting and Reaching Artistic Goals -Taking the steps you need to get where you’re going

  • Being Authentically YOU - How to be authentic and vulnerable in a world that wants to tear you down

  • Weeding your Garden - How to recognize and remove toxic people from your life

Contact me to talk about topics relevant to your event!


Sometimes You Just Need a Boost


Do you need an extra set of eyes on your anatomy?
Do you need help figuring out what your brand says and what you want it to portray?
Do you just need someone to kick you in the butt from time to time?

I got you covered!


Mentoring Packages


Anatomy, Sketching, and Inking

Quick Critique

  • One hour via Hangouts or Skype

  • Draw/Paint Overs in Photoshop

  • Suggestions and Guidance for resources


Monthly Mentorship

  • Weekly sessions via Hangouts or Skype

  • Priority on email responses Monday-Friday

  • Draw/Paint Overs in Photoshop

  • In depth conversations about art technique

  • $175/mo.

Apply here:

Answer these questions in your email:

  • Why do you want me as your mentor?

  • What is your reason for being an artist?

  • What is one short term goal and one long term goal you have, either in art or in life?

Include a link to your online portfolio or send 3-5 samples of your current body of work.


Branding, Direction, and Motivation


  • One hour via Hangouts or Skype

  • Any subject matter you have questions about!