Meet Tawny Fritz

Tawny is an independent illustrator and educator creating vivid imagery and motivating creatives to live their creative life to the fullest.



Ink Art


Bold. Fierce. Confrontational. Challenging.



Empowering Creatives to Bring Out Their Inner Badass


If you’re in a creative field, particularly if you’re an independent creator, it can be difficult to feel like you deserve success. Well, you do! The world needs art in all its forms, and I am here to tell you that I want YOU to create the beautiful things that ONLY YOU can create!

Specialty topics:

  • Setting and Reaching Artistic Goals -Taking the steps you need to get where you’re going

  • Being Authentically YOU - How to be authentic and vulnerable in a world that wants to tear you down

  • Weeding your Garden - How to recognize and remove toxic people from your life

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