"Classic Tawny"

"Classic Tawny"

Tawny Fritzinger

Tawny is an artist/illustrator based in Colorado. Her passion lies in ink and watercolor. Her work is meant to challenge the viewers' perception of known themes such as Biblical stories and fairy tales.

Her work has been featured in ImagineFX Magazine and she is a veteran of many conventions, including Gen Con and Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. Her passion for the artistic community is evident in her active role as a motivator and educator of artists in all walks.

Tawny is open to commissions and corporate work. Please note that due to demand, there may be a wait and that she is not available for free or spec work.

Contact Me:
Email: info@tawnyfritz.com
Instagram: instagram.com/tawnyfritzart
Facebook: facebook.com/artofawynt

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Q: Are you available for commissions? 
Yes! Contact me at info@tawnyfritz.com for rates.

Q: Will you design my tattoo?
Yep. Contact me at info@tawnyfritz.com for my current rates. One caveat: You're hiring me to design your tattoo in my inking style. I will not copy another tattoo, please don't ask. Thanks!

Q: What medium do you work in?
I generally work in ink, but have been known to dabble in watercolors and digital.

Q: Do you sell prints?
Yep! Click the store link above to be taken to my storefront. 

Q: How can I follow what you've been up to?
Easy! Sign up for the monthly newsletter in the form above. I promise to never spam you, I respect your privacy! You can also find me on nearly every social media platform. My name is really easy to search ;)