What's Your "WHY"

I've been rolling this question around in my brainmeats for a while now. I finally know what I do: I draw mostly in ink, and sometimes I paint with watercolors. I know how I do what I do: with my claw hands and my eyeballs. 

But what is my WHY? Why do I do this? It's easy to say "because I can't do anything else" but I believe that will never cultivate the level of success that my cold, dead heart desires. It's easy to say "because I like to draw" or "it's fun," but where will that take me if I am not in touch with why I specifically create what I specifically create? 

Nowhere. It will result in stagnation. In burnout. In resentment. 

I asked the question on Twitter. 

Here are a few replies that stood out to me.

Another Twitter mutual said something very interesting about her Why and it struck a chord with me as well. The Why likely changes and morphs from time to time. Maybe this is necessary so that we do not feel like we are stuck. Maybe that's what's needed when we begin to feel burnout. Maybe burnout is a red flag that our why has evolved and we need to listen? 

What are your thoughts? Do you feel you've found your why and if so, how did you do it? I did a live YouTube video about this, feel free to watch it and comment! Let me know if it helped you!

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