Arteza Art Supply Review

Arteza Supplies

What's UP angel kittens?! Ok the big exciting news was that Arteza sent me some free shit to review. I wrote up the post over on Instagram if you want to see what the plebians see. But for YOU ALL, we're gonna dive a little deeper into my thoughts and feelings on these supplies.

Here is what they sent, and these are links to Amazon affiliate products, so if you do choose to snag these, full disclosure, I get a kickback. Now, let's dig in:

2 x 11"x14" Mixed Media Sketchbook
12 pack 0.4 Fineliner Pens
48 dual tip TwiMarkers 

1 (2).jpg

Let's do this in bullet point format, shall we?! 


Pros -
◆ Thicc
◆ Double sided, in a way. One side is super textured, the other side less so. I used the less textured side for the drawing, and it still had a bit of tooth, which I like.
◆ 11x14 was the size I prefer to work in, so that was a nice bonus

Cons -
◆ Weird warping when exposed to air?
◆ A little bit of feathering in spots. Unpredictable.
◆ I did NOT like the texture on the rougher side. 


I did not like using these fineliners on this specific paper. I tried them on Strathmore paper and enjoyed them much more. I wish I had some smaller sizes to try out, but the 0.4 is relatively equivalent to my size S Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens, and honestly... they flow smoother. I haven't tested to see if they're waterproof though.

◆ Smooth to draw with, almost too smooth! Very easy to draw with it.
◆ Inexpensive. For the price of 4 Faber Castell, you get 12 Arteza pens. 

◆ The triangle shape is strange, but it may be something that's more comfortable for those with carpal tunnel?
◆ They're longer in length than other fineliners, so it takes getting used to. 


It was a challenge to figure out how to incorporate color into what i usually draw, but I think I did a decent job of it. 

◆ SO PIGMENTED! Seriously, these markers are SUPER pigmented, especially the brush tip side.
◆ Nice array of colors from bright neon style colors to muted pastels.
◆ You can get some cool watercolor type effects if you work fast and practice with them.

◆ The fine tip sometimes has a hard time getting started
◆ If you draw over a line you've already put down, these markers will bleed into each other in undesirable ways, so let the ink dry

All in all, these are decent supplies for the price they're offered at (pens and markers, not the sketchbook IMO). Here's what I created with them:

1 (3).jpg

I hope you liked this review and let me know if you want to see more!