Tabletop Adjustable Drawing Surface

Art is a full contact sport.

As I mentioned in my previous video on the One Fantastic Week YouTube channel, I managed to sustain a (thankfully mild) injury because I was drawing in a way that was unhealthy for my body. I don’t want you to end up in my place or worse, so I’m about to introduce you to an amazing and relatively inexpensive product that I feel is a real game changer for me.

US Art Supply Extra Large Adjustable Wood Artist Drawing & Sketching Board!


I ordered this one from Amazon because I wanted the option of easily returning it if it was at all wobbly. As you can see in the above image, I have an older, generic art table that doesn’t work for me at all. When inking, I need a very stable surface, and the old table was wobbly as all hell.

There are other sizes, both smaller and larger, but I snagged the 26” wide x 20.5” tall surface so I could work on drawings that were 14” tall with space for my lamp and camera/phone holder thing that I tend to clip to the top. Like so!


This has been super convenient so that I can have a small lamp on directly over my drawing. (On a side note, I prefer these lamps that I also use to light my setup at conventions! Thanks for the recommendation, Elaine!)

I am really impressed with this drawing surface. It has six settings so you can lay it nearly flat and tilt it nearly straight up. It comes with a T ruler that I use to push my sketchbook up a couple of inches higher. The surface is smooth and pretty basic, which I like. Being that it’s made of wood, it would be pretty easy to sand down anything that might end up dinging it.


Another thing I like is that there is space beneath it to stash a couple of sketchbooks or other supplies! Being that I keep it tilted at about the angle pictured above, I can place a lot of supplies back there that would be easy to reach if I needed it, like that green ellipse template you can see peeking out on top of that yellow sketchbook. I can shove my Inktober pencil/pen pouch under the surface so I have more elbow room when working on blog posts like this one!


All in all, I really feel this thing was a good purchase for me and my drawing style. It’s sturdy, not ugly, convenient, and inexpensive. If you want to get one, or if you want to search for a size you think you’ll like, click this link and take a look! (I do get a bit of a kickback if you use this link, however, I am not being paid for this review. I truly adore this product!)

No matter what you end up doing for your own style of creation, make sure you’re keeping your back as straight as you can and you’re taking breaks to stretch and strength train to avoid injury!