Queen of Hearts - ORIGINAL ART


Queen of Hearts - ORIGINAL ART


Queen of Hearts by Tawny Fritz
Ink on Canson Watercolor Paper

Completed in conjunction with Month of Fear’s challenge prompt: “Beauty”

She longed for lasting beauty. The crone said she could be blessed as the most beautiful woman in history for one small cost: She could no longer touch the one she loved. Thinking she could resist, thinking it was a small price to pay, and eager to be known as such an icon, she accepted the “gift.” However, magic like this comes with great sacrifice, greater than that the crone was willing to reveal, and she was not informed of the true price of this gift, immortality. Eternally beautiful, eternally existing without human touch. Unable to resist her lovers, she strives to keep them close to her, rosebuds in each eye socket so that they, too, may remain beautiful. 

Shipped packaged in a frame for protection.

Shipping to US: $45
Shipping International: $100

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